Vincent Tan with chairman Mehmet Dalman

Vincent Tan Talks Bluebirds Present And Future Plus Manager Neil Warnock

Dai Sport’s Terry Phillips sat down with Bluebirds owner Vincent Tan before the match against Aston Villa at Cardiff City Stadium. The Malaysian businessman chose exactly the right match to attend with Neil Warnock’s team emerging 3-0 winners against captain John Terry and his Championship promotion favourites.

The owner, wearing a blue Cardiff City shirt, was in jovial mood and was clearly glad to be at CCS for the first time since 2015. By the final whistle Warnock’s warriors had won 3-0 and stood top of the Championship having scored four goals in two games and conceded none.

We sat in the Chairman’s Suite, accompanied by chairman Mehmet Dalman plus chief executive Ken Choo.

Why attend this match and what are your thoughts for season?

VT: “I have been extremely busy and not been here for a while, but I’m very happy to be here for the first home match. and, god willing, I pray we win and we have good winning chances because we have a good manager, he has made some good transfers.

We supported him with the transfers but we have paid good value for money – not like the way we paid £10.5m for Cornelius….oh I will never forget that.

We have paid good value for these transfers. Neil has done a great job. They are reasonable transfers with support.

CCFC is turning around now in the good hands of Neil Warnock, who I think is a great manager, and I believe it stands a good chance of being promoted again to the Premier League in the next season.”

Are you actively looking to sell the club?

VT: “No, I always say this. I have many businesses. You don’t fall in love with your businesses. If somebody offers the right price, yeah we’ll sell. People approach us and we have a look, we talk.

“That doesn’t mean we’re selling. But if the right offer comes, an offer we can’t refuse, sure we’ll sell. It’s business.

“I have said before that if ever I leave CCFC, I want to leave it in good hands.”

Watch out for more from Vincent Tan’s interview tomorrow afternoon.

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