Cardiff Devils forward Sam Duggan in the new jersey for Pride night.

Elite Leaders Devils Play For Pride Against Blaze

Cardiff Devils are playing for points and pride when they take on Coventry Blaze at the Viola Arena in Cardiff Bay this evening (Saturday, 7pm).

It’s Pride Night at the Viola and Devils will wear special jerseys to promote hockey for everybody.

“Games against Coventry are always special,” says head coach Andrew Lord.

“The rivalry goes deep and it really shows. They are always feisty encounters and often extremely entertaining matches.

“It’s a proud night for our organisation as we celebrate our partnership with LGBT sport Cymru and host our second pride night. All in all it should be a very memorable night.”

Tickets are virtually sold out at the 3,000-plus capacity arena with only 25 left this morning.

Devils and Blaze both badly need a win this evening. 

Elite League leaders Devils are one point ahead of closest challengers Belfast Giants, who won 3-2 against Guildford Flames in overtime last night.

Coventry, meanwhile, are embroiled in the race for a play-off place and are only a point short.

Giants kept their unbeaten streak going with a 3-2 home win against Flames, but were made to work hard for the two points by visitors who almost held on for a win of their own.

Despite 30 shots on goal in the opening two periods, neither side was able to break the deadlock.

The first goal came at 44-30 through Flames’ John Dunbar, although just over four minutes later Blair Riley converted on the powerplay to make it 1-1.

With 5-41 to go the Flames led again with Welsh forward Ben Davies scoring.

Colin Shields netted Belfast’s second 2-10 to force the game into overtime and then Chris Higgins fired the winner (61-28).

Giants and Flames meet again in Belfast this evening and Giants coach Adam Keefe said: “It’s never been easy against Guildford this season.

Cardiff Devils Mike Hedden in action against Coventry Blaze. Pic: Richard Murray.

“If we come away with another two points, in any way, I’ll be happy.”

Guildford’s Paul Dixon says: “The teams match up well and matches between us have all been close this season. If my guys play the same way it’s all I can ask. 

“We’ve lost 14 or so games this season by one goal, we just need to catch the breaks to get us over the line.”

Other Elite League fixtures this evening: 

7pm Belfast Giants vs. Guildford Flames (Tickets | Webcast)

7pm Cardiff Devils vs. Coventry Blaze (Tickets | Webcast)

7pm Glasgow Clan vs. Manchester Storm (Tickets)

7pm MK Lightning vs. Dundee Stars (Tickets | Webcast)

7pm Sheffield Steelers vs. Nottingham Panthers (Tickets | Webcast)


Cardiff Devils 42 31 7 4 66 .786 167 104 493 1-0
Belfast Giants 43 32 10 1 65 .756 172 108 534 6-0
Nottingham Panthers 47 23 15 9 55 .585 146 147 776 0-1
Glasgow Clan 42 24 14 4 52 .619 149 128 481 1-0
Guildford Flames 45 21 19 5 47 .522 144 141 550 0-1
Fife Flyers 42 21 16 5 47 .560 140 142 572 1-0
Manchester Storm 44 20 19 5 45 .511 133 151 928 0-1
Sheffield Steelers 45 21 22 2 44 .489 134 158 596 0-1
Dundee Stars 43 17 16 10 44 .512 122 146 421 0-2
Coventry Blaze 41 18 16 7 43 .524 148 164 512 1-0
Milton Keynes Lightning 44 11 29 4 26 .295 102 168 774 0-10

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Click link for full fixtures list  

Cardiff Devils remaining 18 Elite League fixtures


Saturday 9 v Coventry Blaze (home, 7pm)

Sunday 10 v Guildford Flames (away, 6pm)

Saturday 16 v MK Lightning (home, 7pm)

Sunday 17 v MK Lightning (away, 5.15pm)

Friday 22 v Belfast Giants (away, 7pm)

Saturday 23 v Belfast Giants (away, 7pm)

Wednesday 27 v Glasgow Clan (home, 7.30pm)


Saturday 2 v Coventry Blaze (away, 7pm)

Sunday 3 v Sheffield Steelers (home, 4pm) – this game does not count on season tickets

Thursday 7 v Fife Flyers (away, 7.30pm)

Friday 8 v Guildford Flames (home, 7.30pm)

Saturday 16 v Sheffield Steelers (away, 7pm)

Sunday 17 v Glasgow Clan (home, 6pm)

Wednesday 20 v Glasgow Clan (away, 7.30pm)

Saturday 23 v Manchester Storm (home, 7pm)

Sunday 24 v Dundee Stars (away, 5pm)

Saturday 30 v MK Lightning (home, 7pm)

Sunday 31 v Coventry Blaze (away, 5.15pm)

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