Egypt's Marwan ElShorbagy plays for Welsh Wizards .

The Dragons Of Welsh Wizards Take On St George’s In World Class Squash Clash At Sport Wales, Cardiff

Two of the World’s leading female squash players go head-to-head when Welsh Wizards play at home against St George’s in the Premier Squash League on Tuesday.

Cardiff-born Tesni Evans, ranked World number nine, plays New Zealand’s Commonwealth champion Joelle King, who is three places higher at six.

Both players have flown back from the US Open championships in Philadelphia where Evans reached the quarter-finals before losing against eventual winner Nouran Gohar (Egypt), while King went out in the last 16. See Evans v King British Championship video below.

Wizards will be led by Egyptian World number 10 Marwan ElShorbagy, who will clash with Surrey’s Tom Richards at the Wales National Sports Centre in Cardiff. 

PSL squash is the best club league in the World with 15 of the World’s top 20 male players and 12 of the World’s top 30 women competing.

ElShorbagy, Peter Creed and Elliott Morris Devred are Wizards’ three male players, while Evans and Anna Kimberley, from Ipswich, are their female players. 

Former World number three ElShorbagy plays Richards, ranked 23, while Kimberley takes on fellow English player Jasmine Hutton, who is ranked 24 places above the Wizards girl at number 50.

Wizards v St George’s is their first home match of the PSL season, while they play Coolshurst on Tuesday, October 26 and Warwick on Tuesday, January 7. All three games are at the Sport Wales National centre.

Joel Makin, who was originally from Haverfordwest and now lives in the English Midlands, plays for Birmingham in their PSL match at Nottingham on Tuesday.



Tue 15 Oct 2019, 7:20PM


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Premier Squash League teams

Tuesday October 15 

Welsh Wizards v St George’s

1 Marwan ElShorbagy v Tom Richards

2 Peter Creed v Borja Golan

3 Elliott Morris Devred v Joe Lee

4 Tesni Evans v Joelle King

5 Anna Kimberley v Jasmine Hutton

Pontefract v Alba Storm (Edinburgh)

1 James Willstrop v Youssef Soliman

2 Chris Simpson v Alan Clyne

3 LJ Anjema v tbs (playoff)

4 Laura Massaro v Lisa Aitken

5 Lucy Turmel v Alison Thomson

Nottingham v Birmingham

1 Declan James v Joel Makin

2 Nick Matthew v Josh Owen

3 Adam Auckland v Jack Turney

4 Millie Tomlinson v Nele Gilis

5 Coline Aumard v Katie Maliff

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