Ex-Bluebirds 'Keeper Lee Beaten By Shaun's Stunner

County Attract Big Attendance, But Slump To Defeat

Warnock Signs Up With Martyrs At Penydarren Park

Devils Waiting For Clan Or Blaze In Play-Offs

Charlotte Arter Flies The Flag For Wales in Valencia

It hardly seems two years ago that Cardiff was hosting the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships, but the world’s elite distance runners will be chasing the title once again in Valencia this weekend. Geoffrey Kamworor took the sting out of Mo Farah’s famous sprint finish coming off Roath Park Lake in 2016 to race to a famous victory in 59 min, 10 sec. He was one of four athletes to break the one hour mark despite torrential rain and high winds.

Dragons In Danger Of Worst Ever Season. . . But Chairman Says They're On The Move

Dragons chairman David Buttress has defiantly insisted things are improving at Rodney Parade, despite the evidence of 13 successive Guinness Pro14 games without a win. The Dragons have not recorded a victory since September, their latest failure coming on Friday night and a 29-17 home defeat to the Cheetahs. Despite being taken over the Welsh Rugby Union, a new head coach in Bernard Jackman, a new chairman in Buttress, new recruits and a new playing surface, the one thing that has not altered in Newport is repeated failure on the field.

Newport Charge Fiver-A-Head For To Watch Clash

Welsh Girls Team Open Defence Of Bob Doherty Cup

Ryan Giggs Believes Gareth Bale Should Stay At Real Madrid

Ryan Giggs has told Gareth Bale he should stay with Real Madrid and ignore any approach to join Manchester United. The Wales manager believes his country’s new record goalscorer should rebuff Jose Mourinho and remain in Spain with the European champions. “It’s Real Madrid – there are only a handful of clubs who have got that aura,” Giggs said.

Bosnian Blow For Welsh Uefa Hopes In Zenica

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