Joey’s Double Fires Up Devils In Flames Test

Man of the match Joey Haddad led the charge during Cardiff Devils 5-2 Elite League win against Guildford Flames at the Spectrum.

Power forward Haddad scored a penalty goal after nine minutes after he was tripped after skating through alone on goalie Chris Carrozzi.

Devils forward Haddad netted from the penalty shot and set Cardiff on the path to a fourth successive victory.

Kevin Phillips levelled the scored at 10-38, but Haddad struck again less than two minutes later and the visitors led 2-1 going into the second.

Rhett Rachinski tied the game for Flames on the powerplay at 23-20 with Andrew Hotham sitting in the penalty box for tripping, but Devils kept pressing and were clinical with their chances.

Justin Faryna (34-05), Layne Ulmer (48-13) and Joey Martin (49-51) completed the scoring and a 5-2 Devils away win.

“Cardiff does a great job taking advantage of their best opportunities and they certainly deserved to win,” said Flames coach Paul Dixon.

“I don’t think 5-2 was necessarily a good reflection of the game and when they led 3-2 we had some really high quality chances and hit a post.

“We gave a good effort against an extremely good team who lead the league. There is no reason to hang our heads.

Match stats:

Scorers, Flames: Kevin Phillips 1+0, Rhett Rachinski 1+0, Charles Wells 0+1, Mikael Lidhammer 0+1, Brett Ferguson 0+1, Geoff Walker 0+1.

Devils: Joey Haddad 2+1, Justin Faryna 1+0, Layne Ulmer 1+0, Joey Martin 1+1, Matt Pope 0+1, Paul Crowder 0+1, Bryce Reddick 0+1, Tyson Strachan 0+1, Matthew Myers 0+1, Josh Batch 0+1.

Period scores (Flames first): 1-2; 1-1 (2-3); 0-2 (2-5).

Shots on goal: Flames (on Bowns) 4+7+14=25; Devils (on Carrozzi) 9+12+14=35.

Penalties in minutes: Flames 4+4+4=12; Devils 2+2+2=6.

Penalty totals: Guildford Flames 12 minutes on 6 infractions Cardiff Devils 6 minutes on 3 infractions.

Powerplays: Flames 1/3; Devils 0/4.

Referee: Mike Hicks and Matt Thompson.

Attendance: 1,687

Stars of the game: Flames, Brett Ferguson; Devils, Joey Haddad.

Other Elite League results: Belfast Giants 6, Dundee Stars 4; Coventry Blaze 3, Manchester Storm 4; Edinburgh Capitals 2, Sheffield Steelers 7.

Brendan Connolly scored a hat-trick, including an empty netter, in Belfast’s 6-4 win against Dundee Stars, while Manchester Storm defeated Coventry Blaze 4-3.

Coach Ryan Finnerty and his Storm team have won seven successive matches.

David Phillips, Mathieu Roy and Ben O’Connor each registered three points as Sheffield Steelers defeated Edinburgh 7-2 at the Fly DSA Arena.

Nottingham Panthers have announced that head coach Corey Neilson will leave the club at the end of this season.

The 41-year-old will end a 12-year association with the club with whom he has enjoyed domestic and European success as a player and coach.

“My contract concludes at the end of this season and it’s been decided that it’s time for a change,” said Neilson. “I leave immensely proud of how far we’ve come and I thank all those fans who’ve supported me both in the good and bad times.”

Neilson is intent on winning a trophy in his final season in Nottingham, saying: “Catching Cardiff in the league is improbable, but making a great run and finishing second is a more realistic goal.

“We need to get on a big run of performances and earn a final play-off championship which would be the most fitting way to end my term. I’m committed to everything that needs to be done.

“Nottingham will always hold a special place in my heart. I will watch from afar and cheer the Panthers on.”


Regular 2017/18

1 Cardiff Devils 43 33 7 1 2 .802 69
2 Belfast Giants 44 29 13 2 0 .682 60
3 Manchester Storm 44 27 12 3 2 .670 59
4 Sheffield Steelers 42 25 14 2 1 .631 53
5 Fife Flyers 39 25 12 1 1 .667 52
6 Guildford Flames 43 23 14 4 2 .605 52
7 Nottingham Panthers 40 22 15 2 1 .588 47
8 Braehead Clan 44 19 21 3 1 .477 42
9 Dundee Stars 42 17 22 2 1 .440 37
10 Coventry Blaze 44 16 24 3 1 .409 36
11 Milton Keynes Lightning 43 15 27 1 0 .360 31
12 Edinburgh Capitals 42 4 37 0 1 .107 9

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