Jeremiah Azu

Jeremiah Azu will head for European Championships in great form as part off British team. Pic: Martin Rickett/PA Images via Getty Images)

Jeremiah Azu Looking To Conquer Rome After Making History Books

By Ian Gordon

Jeremiah Azu will be gunning for glory at the European Champions in Rome in June.

The Cardiff sprinter’s spot in the GB team was confirmed just days after he became the first Welshman in history to legally break the 10 seconds barrier.

Azu clocked 9.97 secs at the True Athletes Classic in Leverkusen, Germany to also become the first European to break the 10-secs barrier in 2024.

“I’m really pleased and it’s amazing to run sub-10 seconds for the first time,” said Azu, who won European 100m bronze in Munich two years ago.

Jeremiah Azu Looking To Make More History After Breaking 10-Second Barrier

“A big shout out to my coach, my family and my girlfriend and everyone else who has helped and supported me.

“I use my speed to have moments like this where I can impact maybe just one person to realise there is a god out there, who can help you find true happiness in life. It’s great running fast, but, ultimately, there is so much more to life.”

And fellow Welsh ace Clara Evans has also been called up with a spot in the half marathon in the Italian capital.

Clara Evans
Clara Evans, hear competing for Wales at the 2022 Commonwealth games, will be part of Britain’s half marathon line-up in Rome. Pic: Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images)

The Pontypridd Roadents runner sharpened up for the event as she clocked a new 10,000m track pb of 32:02.08 at the Ninth of the 10,000m PBs earlier in May.

At the Berlin half marathon in April, Evans clocked 70:11 to put her fourth on the Welsh all-time list.

The championships runs from June 7-12 and for many athletes will be a vital part of the build-up to the Olympics in Paris the following month.

The team includes reigning 2023 World Heptathlon Champion Katarina Johnson-Thompson and World Silver medallists Keely Hodgkinson who looked so impressive in Eugene last weekend.

“For some athletes, winning a medal in Rome will be the perfect preparation for the Olympics, for others competing here will provide a benchmark as to where they are knowing that their peak performance needs to come at the start of August.,” said head coach Paula Dunn.

“There is also a good blend of athletes who can use this championship to step up and fuel their aims of qualifying for Paris and onto Tokyo World Championships in 2025.”

GB & NI Team:



Dina Asher-Smith (Edrick Floréal, Blackheath & Bromley)

Imani-Lara Lansiquot (Ryan Freckleton, Sutton & District)

Daryll Neita (Marco Airale, Cambridge Harriers)



Daryll Neita (Marco Airale, Cambridge Harriers)



Laviai Nielsen (Tony Lester, Enfield & Haringey)

Victoria Ohuruogu (Newham & Essex Beagles)



Alex Bell (Andrew Henderson, Leeds)

Keely Hodgkinson (Trevor Painter, Leigh)

Erin Wallace (Trevor Painter, Giffnock North)



Georgia Bell (Trevor Painter, Belgrave)

Jemma Reekie (Jon Bigg, Kilbarchan)

Katie Snowden (Stephen Haas, Herne Hill)



Izzy Fry (Sonia McGeorge, Newbury)

Amy-Eloise Neale (Rob Denmark, Wakefield)

Hannah Nuttall (Helen Clitheroe, Charnwood)



Megan Keith (Ross Cairns, Inverness)

Eilish McColgan (Liz Nuttall, Dundee Hawkhill)

Jessica Warner-Judd (Mick Judd, Blackburn)



Cindy Sember (Chris Johnson, Woodford Green Essex Ladies)



Jessie Knight (Marina Armstrong, Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow)

Lina Nielsen (Tony Lester, Shaftesbury Barnet)


3000m SC

Lizzie Bird (Pat McCurry, Shaftesbury Barnet)


Pole Vault

Holly Bradshaw (Kate Rooney, Blackburn)

Molly Caudery (Scott Simpson, Thames Valley)


High Jump

Morgan Lake (Robbie Grabarz, Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow)



Charlotte Payne (Paul Dickenson, Reading)

Anna Purchase (Mohamed Ali Saatara, Notts)



Katarina Johnson-Thompson (Aston Moore, Liverpool)

Jade O’Dowda (John Lane, Newham & Essex Beagles) – selection subject to confirmation of Road To Rome rankings eligibility.


4 x 100m

Dina Asher-Smith (Edrick Floréal, Blackheath & Bromley)

Desiree Henry (Steve Fudge, Enfield & Haringey)

Amy Hunt (Marco Airale, Charnwood)

Imani-Lara Lansiquot (Ryan Freckleton, Sutton & District)

Daryll Neita (Marco Airale, Cambridge Harriers)

Asha Phillip (Amy Deem, Newham and Essex Beagles)


Mixed 4x400m – In addition to athletes selected for Men’s 4x400m

Hannah Kelly (Les Hall, Bolton)

Emily Newnham (Nick Dakin, Shaftesbury Barnet)


Half Marathon

Abbie Donnelly (Rob Lewis, Lincoln Wellington)

Clara Evans (Chris Jones, Pontypridd)

Calli Hauger-Thackery (Hallamshire)

Lauren McNeil (Hallamshire)




Jeremiah Azu (Marco Airale, Cardiff)

Romell Glave (Michael Afilaka, Croydon)

Zharnel Hughes (Glen Mills, Shaftesbury Barnet)



Jona Efoloko (Ryan Freckleton, Sale Harriers Manchester)

Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake (Ryan Freckleton, Newham and Essex Beagles)

Jeriel Quainoo (Ryan Freckleton, Blackheath & Bromley)



Charlie Dobson (Leon Baptiste, Colchester)

Alex Haydock-Wilson (Earl Herbert, Windsor Slough Eton and Hounslow)

Matthew Hudson-Smith (Gary Evans, Birchfield)



Callum Dodds (Matthew Yates, Enfield & Haringey)

Elliot Giles (Jon Bigg, Birchfield)

Thomas Randolph (Craig Winrow, Tamworth)



Adam Fogg (Cory Leslie, Coventry)

Neil Gourley (Stephen Haas, Giffnock North)



George Mills (Thomas Dreißigacker, Brighton Phoenix)

Jack Rowe (Tim Eglen, Aldershot Farnham and District)

James West (Helen Clitheroe, Tonbridge)



Patrick Dever (Andy Bibby, Preston)

Rory Leonard (Andrew Hobdell, Morpeth)

Zakariya Mahamed (Idris Hamud, Southampton)


20k Race Walk

Callum Wilkinson (Robert Heffernan, Enfield & Haringey)



Andrew Pozzi (Stratford-upon-Avon)

Tade Ojora (Joanna Hayes, Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow)



Alastair Chalmers (Matt Elias, Guernsey)



Mark Pearce (Luke Gunn, Shaftesbury Barnet)

Zak Seddon (Geoff Wightman, Bracknell)


Long Jump

Jacob Fincham-Dukes (Matt Barton, Leeds)



Lawrence Okoye (Zane Duquemin, Croydon)



Jake Norris (Paul Dickenson, Windsor Slough Eton and Hounslow)


Shot Put

Scott Lincoln (Paul Wilson, City of York)


4 x 100m

Jeremiah Azu (Marco Airale, Cardiff)

Jona Efoloko (Ryan Freckleton, Sale Harriers Manchester)

Romell Glave (Michael Afilaka, Croydon)

Zharnel Hughes (Glen Mills, Shaftesbury Barnet)

Richard Kilty (Gateshead)

Jeriel Quainoo (Ryan Freckleton, Blackheath & Bromley)


4 x 400m

Charlie Carvell (Stewart Marshall, Telford AC)

Lewis Davey (Trevor Painter, Newham & Essex Beagles)

Toby Harries (David Sadkin, Brighton Phoenix)

Alex Haydock-Wilson (Earl Herbert, Windsor Slough Eton and Hounslow)

Michael Ohioze (Craig Cox, Shaftesbury Barnet)



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