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Swansea City’s Connor Roberts Gets All Chippy During Lockdown

Connor Roberts has swapped building attacks for Swansea City and Wales to making bookshelves and bird boxes in his garage.

The 24-year-old full-back is filling in extra time in his daily schedule during lockdown by turning his hand to his favourite hobby – carpentry.

Instead of watching re-runs of old football matches, Roberts has been glued to shows like The Repair Shop, Homes Under The Hammer and Escape to the Chateau DIY.

“I did design and technology in school and enjoyed it,” he says.

“I had a bit of a gap when I left school and first started playing properly for the Swans.

“But now I have my own house, and I’ve got my own workshop, I’ve been able to pick up again. I watch The Repair Shop – I love that, it’s another level.

“The people in that are professionals and are top notch. I also watch Homes Under The Hammer and Escape to the Chateau DIY. I wouldn’t want to build a house or shed though – I prefer to work with wood.

“It’s a shame we are in lockdown because I can’t get much delivered from merchants to crack on with my tool shed. But when the lockdown is over I’ll be cracking on with a lot more projects,” he tells the club’s website.

So far, Roberts has turned his hand making a few pieces of furniture and some bird boxes for his partner. But more ambitious plans are on the horizon.


“I enjoy making things like furniture and I made a gate for myself and for my mum. Jake Bidwell doesn’t live too far away from me, so he dropped some spare wood off for me and I made a few shelves for my partner out of it.

“I have a little workshop in my garage so I have plenty of space to work on things. I watch YouTube videos and follow a lot of accounts on Instagram that make furniture, along with joiners and carpenters.

“I’ve picked up tips and tricks. I follow more joiners and carpenters on Instagram than I do anything football-related. It’s a good distraction for me.

“You need interests outside of football, and this is perfect for me – it keeps me busy and entertained, and takes my mind off things.”

When he finally gets back on the field with his Swansea team mates, Roberts hopes to be pushing for the play-offs in the Championship.

He also wants to stay in the Ryan Giggs’ plans ahead of next summer’s re-scheduled European Championships after helping Wales to qualify.

And once his career is over he admits he is thinking of turning his hobby into a business opportunity.

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“You never know what will happen after football, but carpentry and joinery would be something I’d like to do,” he said.

“I’ve had a few carpenters working in my house doing bits and bobs, and I now class them as friends because I know them well. I pick their brains a few times.

“I’m not qualified but I enjoy it and I’m learning all the time. I could become an apprentice for a carpenter and go with them to jobs and learn more. I know a few in Swansea and they’d be more than happy for me to be their apprentice.”


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