Welsh Sailing Wins Award

Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Cymru Wales have earned an Insport bronze award for governing bodies for their work in making the sport more inclusive for people with a disability.

The award is thanks to working with people of disability to bring them into sailing and make the sport more inclusive, including the Sailability scheme.

RYA Cymru Wales chief executive Phil Braden was presented with the award on behalf of Disability Sport Wales by their chief executive Fiona Reid.

“Disability Sport Wales have been incredibly pleased to support RYA Cymru Wales in attaining their Insport NGB Bronze standard,” said Reid.

“This achievement illustrates the growing work that the organisation, and those within it, are doing to welcome disabled people in to the sport, to provide a range of opportunities and to begin to establish a culture of inclusion throughout Boating in Wales.

“DSW are very excited to be continuing the partnership and look forward to seeing where the inclusive journey takes RYA Cymru Wales next.”

The Insport Bronze Award involves developing the workforce in disability training, put an action plan in place and ensure job descriptions refer to inclusion and equity. It also involves working with clubs and training centres, collecting data and a commitment to working towards the silver award.

“RYA Cymru Wales has long been a supporter of making sailing as inclusive as possible and the RYA’s Sailability scheme has been a key part of that,” said Braden.

“Sailing is such a great sport for people of all abilities and this award demonstrates the commitment of RYA Cymru Wales in working towards full inclusion of disabled people in our sport.

“This is the challenge to all sports now about how they can include people with a disability in coaching, officiating, volunteering and of course taking part as well. They are passing on the message about the impact in their sport and that is the perfect result for us.

“I would like to congratulate everyone who had the vision to transform the lives of people with a disability through sailing and believe in the incredible power of their sport.”

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