Swansea City's Andre Ayew takes the knee. Pic: Getty Images.

Welsh Sport To Seek Witness Evidence On Experience of Racism

By Owen Morgan

A major research programme exploring race and racism is calling on anyone involved in Welsh sport to share their experiences.

Whether you are an elite athlete, enthusiastic amateur, a fan, or work in sport, the #TellYourStory project wants to hear from you.

The UK-wide campaign by the home nation sports councils, including Sport Wales, aims to tackle racism and racial inequality in sport.

You can get involved by signing up for a live Welsh Forum on January 14, or you can submit your story on the #TellYourStory website.

The 90 minute forum will start at 7.30pm and you can register in advance at the following link https://www.storiesmatter.co.uk/wales-forum-14th-january-2021/

The forum provides a safe space to talk frankly about experiences, including historical and present-day issues, without criticism or prejudice.

Leandro Bacuna of Cardiff City takes the knee. Pic: Getty Images.

Anyone wishing to tell their story can also either upload a video or voice note (maximum of seven minutes), or write about their experiences at the campaign website https://www.storiesmatter.co.uk/your-story/.

Once you’ve uploaded your story, the only people who will have access to your information will be the research team. It will not be shared with anyone else.

Contributors are asked to:

  • Tell about their experience of early access to sport (barriers, challenges, impactful experiences, memories, emotions, reactions).
  • What is it that has impacted their experience in sport. Was it an individual, a process or a physical or environmental issue?
  • What needs to change (what you recommend about people, structures or policy).

AKD, a black owned learning and development consultancy, has been selected to work with the sports councils on the project.

AKD say: “We recognise the power of sport to shape and define lives. But race and racism have impacted on the sporting experiences of many of us. Are you an aspiring athlete or someone who has had enough and walked away from the sport?


“We want to hear from you if you are a sportsperson at any level, a professional participant, an ex-participant, someone who has left the sport early. Parents, coaches, officials, volunteers, staff, members, fans – we need you experiences too.

“We understand that things must change and they (the five sports councils) want to learn from you. Your contributions will shape the future.”

The research team will read and listen to every story.  They will analyse and look for trends and patterns that come from the stories.  A report with recommendations will be compiles.

In the report, lots of examples will be used confidentially. No one will be identified.

Only the research team will have access to your story. Information will be held securely and only authorised team members will have access.


The research is expected to be completed, including the report, by March 2021.

AKD add: “Our reporting will bring out your lived experiences to ensure that the sport councils can both hear your experiences, but learn from them and allow them to shape real change.”

The five sports councils, will provide contributors with a copy of the report.



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