That WRU “Dry” No Alcohol Section – A Kettling Operation For The Moaners

Wales start their November series against Scotland on Saturday and if there’s a dryness in the air, it’s not just the autumnal conditions. The new “dry” no alcohol section of seating is the Welsh Rugby Union’s trial to counter growing complaints. Graham Thomas drank coffee only in the North Stand with chief executive Martyn Phillips.

You’ll be able to spot them – high up in the North Stand, surrounded by a sea of demon drinkers like some modern day meeting of the Temperance Movement.

These are the puritans, the abstainers, the sober citizens who do not wish to be sullied or tempted by contact with the rowdy revellers all around them. They are the Presbyterian Tabernacle of Westgate Street. The South Stand? That’s the devil’s enclave.

At least, that’s how the Welsh Rugby Union appear to have categorised them, those fans who