Devils’ New Stars Rally Cry – ‘Here Comes The Young’

Cardiff Devils fan Martyn Joseph, a renowned singer-songwriter says it in one of his most recent releases – ‘Here Come The Young.’

Steve King and his fellow owners agree and have handed over control of match night to children aged 12 and under when Dundee Stars play at the Viola Arena on Sunday, March 1.

The owners all know Welshman Joseph, who is a close pal to several former Devils including Mike MacWilliam and Vezio Sacratini, and attended one of his concerts in Calgary.

Now Devils are following Joseph’s ‘Here Come The Young’ lead.

“The kids are taking over the game and you can be part of the show,” says managing director Todd Kelman.

“Management are looking for Devils fans 12-years-old and under to take over key roles within the Devils organisation. 

“Replacements are needed for managing director, customer relations manager, social media manager, head of ticketing, VIP entrance host, match day announcer, DJ, ticket scanners, merchandise sellers, programme sellers and a host of other jobs around the Viola Arena. 

“Kids need to submit an audition video of them announcing the team onto the ice in order to be considered, with a number of children getting the opportunity to take part in announcing the team, goals, penalties and everything else on a game day.

“Parents are more than welcome to be with their children the entire time, but there will be a responsible adult overseeing each child in their new role with the Devils organisation on the night.”

For more information go to the Devils website –

Cardiff Devils Elite League home match against Fife Flyers on Wednesday is being shown live on FreeSports television from 7pm.

Elsewhere on the night Guildford host Belfast, while Nottingham travel to Glasgow.

Saturday is the first full schedule of games for several weeks with all 10 teams in action on one night. Cardiff are back on home ice against Guildford Flames.

In-form Coventry are at home to Cardiff Devils at the Skydome on Sunday. 

The Elite League title chase (all teams play a total of 54 matches)

Leaders – Sheffield Steelers

10 EIHL fixtures left (20 points maximum – 5 home, 5 away)


Saturday 22 @ Nottingham Panthers

Sunday 23 v Belfast Giants

Saturday 29 v Fife Flyers


Sunday 1 @ Guildford Flames

Friday 6 @ Cardiff Devils

Sunday 8 v Cardiff Devils – Challenge Cup Final at the Viola Arena, Cardiff Bay (4pm)

Saturday 14 v Manchester Storm

Saturday 21 v Dundee Stars

Sunday 22 @ Dundee Stars

Saturday 28 @ Manchester Storm

Sunday 29 v Cardiff Devils

Second – Cardiff Devils

14 fixtures left (30 points maximum – 8 home, 6 away)


Wednesday 19 v Fife Flyers

Saturday 22 v Guildford Flames

Sunday 23 @ Coventry Blaze

Saturday 29 @ Nottingham Panthers


Sunday 1 v Dundee Stars

Friday 6 v Sheffield Steelers

Sunday 8 v Sheffield Steelers – Challenge Cup Final at the Viola Arena, Cardiff Bay (4pm)

Saturday 14 v Guildford Flames

Sunday 15 @ Dundee Stars

Wednesday 18 v Coventry Blaze

Saturday 21 @ Nottingham Panthers

Sunday 22 v Manchester Storm

Wednesday 25 @ Glasgow Clan

Saturday 28 v Belfast Giants

Sunday 29 @ Sheffield Steelers

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS or call 0800 0842 666

Third – Nottingham Panthers

13 fixtures left (26 points maximum – 7 home, 6 away)

Wednesday 19 @ Glasgow Clan


Saturday 22 v Sheffield Steelers

Sunday 23 @ Guildford Flames

Saturday 29 v Cardiff Devils


Sunday 1 v Coventry Blaze

Friday 13 @ Belfast Giants

Saturday 14 @ Belfast Giants

Tuesday 17 v Manchester Storm

Saturday 21 v Cardiff Devils

Sunday 22 v Coventry Blaze

Wednesday 25 v Guildford Flames

Saturday 28 @ Dundee Stars

Sunday 29 @ Glasgow Clan

Fourth – Belfast Giants

12 fixtures left (24 points maximum – 8 home, 4 away


Wednesday 19 v Guildford Flames

Saturday 22 @ Manchester Storm

Sunday 23 @ Sheffield Steelers

Friday 28 v Guildford Flames

Saturday 29 v Guildford Flames


Friday 6 v Fife Flyers

Friday 13 v Nottingham Panthers

Saturday 14 v Nottingham Panthers

Friday 20 v Fife Flyers

Saturday 21 v Fife Flyers

Saturday 28 @ Cardiff Devils

Sunday 29 @ Coventry Blaze

Elite League standings

# Team GP Score Pts
1 Sheffield Steelers 44 186:137 57
2 Cardiff Devils 40 135:119 54
3 Nottingham Panthers 41 130:105 53
4 Belfast Giants 42 125:106 52
5 Coventry Blaze 42 157:145 50
6 Guildford Flames 41 126:121 47
7 Glasgow Clan 42 130:163 37
8 Manchester Storm 43 108:135 37
9 Dundee Stars 43 135:162 36
10 Fife Flyers 44 113:152 30

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