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    There are a number of issues here first is Halfpenny right not to choose the Blues superclub in the present circumstances, the obvious and overwhelming evidence is absolutely. How many quality and hugely potential players have the Blues Superclub failed over decades, I would suggest and the evidence backs this up a substantial number. The only positive about the Scarlets Superclub is that it does take seriously the development of players .
    However the real issue is that Wales with its Rich men and their play things “Superclubs” have led to the last 14 years of failure and still the WRU have not learnt any lessons, in a strategic system where the WRU owned and controlled genuine regions in partnership with business and Clubs from those regions, with Central contracts for elite players then those players could and should be placed at the region that will develop them the best
    No one suggests this solution will be easy or a panacea to solve every problem but we need a far more inclusive and strategic system which acknowledges our constraints as a rugby nation and addresses them for the good of the whole but also acknowledges our strengths and builds on them to the benefit of all and not like now destroy them in an attempt to eradicate all opposition to the imposed failure of a system.


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