Connah's Quay Nomads won their first title when the season was ended by the FAW. Pic: Connah's Quay Nomads.

FAW Face Cymru Premier Chaos As The New Saints Wait For Legal Remedy

By Matthew Burgess

The Cymru Premier could be thrown into chaos today if The New Saints are successful in challenging the Football Association of Wales over their method of ending the season.

The FAW used an unweighted points-per-game method to determine final placings when they opted to end the campaign early back in May due to the coronavirus pandemic.

That decision – which handed Connah’s Quay Nomads the title – is being challenged by The New Saints in the High Court. It’s expected that the judgement of the court will be delivered remotely today.

Saints, who missed out on a ninth-straight league title, contest that the FAW’s decision to use the points-per-game method did not fall in line with the directives issued by UEFA after the league was prematurely halted in March.

At that time, Saints trailed Connah’s Quay by only four points with each team having six games remaining. One of those games was a shoot-out between the clubs.

Saints believe that the standings from the fully completed first phase of the season or an alternative format, a play-off, should have been used as an alternative.

The New Saints celebrate another trophy success.

Any decision to overturn the FAW’s original decision could place Connah’s Quay first league title and their Champions League qualifying place under threat.

The four Welsh clubs competing in Europe are expected to all return to training this week for the first time since the virus outbreak, with next season’s Champions League and Europa League qualifying rounds due to commence next month.

Saints owner Mike Harris argued at the time, “Sporting merit is one of the most important things, and as you can see now, a lot of leagues have already returned and got their competitions back underway.

“When you have something as important as the Champions League to be played for, it shouldn’t be cancelled months early.

“Even if it was to be played behind closed doors, sporting merit should have been honoured.”


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