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Wrexham Fan Base Goes Global . . . As Ryan Reynolds Shirts Hit Town

By Adam Lake

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney  – the Hollywood superstars supposedly set to sprinkle stardust on Wrexham – are already putting the club on the map and earning them new fans.

The Racecourse outfit – who play in the fifth tier of the English system – say the shock news the A-listers are set to invest has come as no surprise to them as they have a very down-to-earth approach.

Wrexham revealed the news on Wednesday and it is understood any takeover could see £2million pumped into the club.

“We were first approached by some representatives of Rob and Ryan and latterly we’ve got into discussions with them directly,” said Wrexham Supporters Trust director Spencer Harris, who has been direct contact with Reynolds and McElhenney to discuss their investment interest.

“When you end up talking to people who are world renowned it is quite surreal, but Rob and Ryan are very professional, very successful in their own right, and are very serious about Wrexham.

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“They don’t think they’re above anybody else. They’ve got an interest in the football club and that makes us like-minded people. They’re very high energy, committed, and professional.

“They’re very community-orientated and come across as genuinely, normal, nice people.”

Reynolds and McElhenney’s interest has catapulted Wrexham into the headlines and the club were trending on Twitter when the news broke.

Shirts with the pair’s names on are already in the club shop.

“The main thing is about the future direction of the football club,” said Harris. “To react to a question on why they want to invest, I would say, why not?

“Wrexham is the third oldest professional club in the world, it’s the oldest club in Wales, and plays at the oldest international stadium still in use anywhere in the world.


“It’s got a proud history in Europe, a lot of tradition, and it’s a fantastic football club in a wonderful community.”

More than 95 per cent of Wrexham fans have backed the Hollywood investment and talks are ongoing with Reynolds and McElhenney set to soon outline their plans in more detail.

But both actors are already winning Wrexham new supporters in Wales and across the globe.

Swansea City head coach Steve Cooper said: “I spent 12 years at Wrexham and my family are still there.

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“I see my wife supporting Wrexham more than Swansea now which is a frustration. I think her and her mates will be more interested in going there than coming to our games.

“I’ll need to keep an eye on my wife and keep her in check, but if there is some funding which comes into Wrexham then good luck to them.”


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